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Life does, indeed, throw us curve balls from time to time.

Experiences tend to come at specific times to guide us and to direct us to new

pathways that open up when we implement a decision in our lives.


Why 'The Truth Fairy' ?


A beautiful nickname a client bestowed on me about thirty years ago, and it stuck!

I work with your energy to help you to overcome personal challenges, allowing you to focus on, and pursue, those more positive pathways which in turn will encourage you to reach out to your individual life goals. 


How Do I Work?


I work very simply. Prior to speaking with you, I meditate, pray, and focus on your energy. I am also a Reiki Master, so I will also use this discipline to 'get in the zone'.

When I speak with you, which we do via telephone, I will tell you quite candidly of the visions I am seeing and hearing, a bit like watching a video or listening to a distant radio signal for me. After I finish speaking you are free to ask questions or discuss any part of our session that you would like me to expand on.

Imagine the joy, and the tremendous feeling of happy  in your day to day life, as you find yourself better equipped to cope with the negative energies, events and challenging situations that crop up, allowing you to think in straight lines, unencumbered by the day to day dross of life.  

​We all have the right to feel so great that we believe we could conquer the earth, the moon and stars. 

We all have the right to be the wind beneath our own wings. 
​My work with you should help you to facilitate joy in your life, by uncovering and then overcoming the hurdles that seem to stand in your way.  Sometimes that hurdle can be simply overthinking a situation. Sometimes it might be a person or situation you need to move on from.
Many of my clients think of me as their spiritual agony aunt, available to advise in times of indecision toward the clarity and focus you need to journey forward.  

You will find me refreshingly straight forward with a very down to earth attitude, and a friendly smile in my voice.  My work is my joy, and folk tell me that my love of my vocation comes across in my voice.   
If perhaps you are still wondering if you would benefit from an appointment, perhaps reflect on how you came to be here at my website.
I believe that nobody arrives in my diary by accident. Most come by word of mouth, or by perhaps 'finding' one of my business cards, or via an internet search for a clairvoyant, psychic or intuitive.  
Although I do not advertise, over the years I have built up a strong client base of many thousands of clients. Many of my cherished folk having been with me for over forty five  years now, passing my name down through the generations.
The core of my business has been developed through the kind words of clients

spreading my word to which I extend immense gratitude. 

My Approach
Is Refreshingly Straightforward


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